The Zodiac Watch Company

Zodiac watches began in 1882 with its founder, Ariste Calame, desiring to make the most precise watch of all time-not an unusual ambition for a conscientious watch maker. But it’s just this kind of ambition that leads, with hard work and more than a little luck thrown in, to quality products. And that’s what all Zodiac watches are: high quality, made with exacting specifications, and distinctive in styling, on top of all that.

The first Zodiac was a pocket watch, which is not surprising for the time. Most watches of that era were. And it’s widely known that the wrist watch as we wear it today was an innovation of the World War I years, when circumstances worked against bulky pocket watches in favor of the simplicity of the wrist view of time.

Calame was no doubt fastidious. His standards were high, his expectations even higher. In a reasonably short time his company became renowned for its product-its precision and style. Of course his company was Swiss. And despite competition from significant watch makers of the day his company soon became one of the country’s fastest growing. In a country where excellent watch makers were set up on virtually every street corner, the Zodiac flourished. preethi zodiac mg 218 mixer grinder

Yet the company-and of course the watch-didn’t actually become Zodiac until Calame christened it that in 1908. And with that he began production of the wrist watch. All of the movements and mechanical parts were manufactured in house, relatively unusual for watchmakers at the time.

Here’s a time line of significant corporate innovations:

1924: Zodiac manufacturers an especially thin pocket watch, to much acclaim.

1930: the company develops a spring-based anti-shock system, and creates one of the first automatic watches.

1932: Zodiac manufactures a quartz watch.

1949: Zodiac launches the famous Autograph, with a power reserve gauge that tells the wearer how much running time is left if the watch is not being worn.

1953: Launches the Sea Wolf, one of the first, and best, dive watches available.

1969: Launches the AstroGraphic, with floating minute and hour hands in a rectangular case-a true design milestone.