When Do You Need Foundation Underpinning?

Foundation is the base of any house, building or structure that has been constructed by human beings. The strength of the foundation decides the strength and the stability of the construction that stands on it as the main utility of the foundation is the distribution of the weight of the whole structure to the rocks or the soil that is underlying the structure. So it is extremely necessary that time and again proper verification should be done with the help of the engineers whether underpinning of the foundation is required or not? Shotcrete company

What is Foundation Underpinning?

Foundation underpinning has many meanings as the word can be used in construction or even in the make up world. In the area of construction foundation underpinning means the procedure that is adopted for stabilizing and increasing the strength of any existing structure or building. The strengthening of the existing foundation is done by increasing the breadth and the depth of the old foundation. This takes the foundation to a level of soil which is deeper than the surface soil on which the structure was built.

When Foundation Underpinning is required?

Foundation underpinning is required when you observe any kind of change in shape on the walls of the building that is the walls start bulging or develop cracks. Another factor that gives a warning about the weakening foundation is the defects that develop in the alignment of the doors and the windows of the house or the building. Cracks may also develop on the floor of the house or the building.

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